Imbedded A5 Processor Test Interface
Advanced Microtechnology has  extended the application of its Optimum product line with the
integration of ARC5 imbedded test functions. Up to 40 controllers may be independently powered and monitored for functionality using the process test interface of the Optimum WinAOS application. Each part may have 2 separate biases featuring both current and voltage monitoring. Independent test is implemented through a standard JTAG interface. A separate serial clock and command interface may be used if required to provide device initialization sequences.  JTAG control is muxed to each part through the use of an independent clock for each part. All of the ARC processor registers and memory space may be tested through  the JTAG I/O.
General test protocol enables time, temperature and voltage control variables for complete control of the test process. The standard test procedures of the Optimum burn-in process may be modified as desired using the OPCTL test language. Both standard and non standard processes are support with the Optimum  test software interface.
Other imbedded controllers that support the JTAG interface specification can be tested using this system. The AMT test library can be extended to meet any unique test requirements.
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