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Burn-in Board Testers

The HPC-512/1028 Automated Burn-In Board Test and Inventory Control System performs test, record keeping, data retrieval, and maintenance scheduling functions on burn-in boards and interconnect cables. Test system hardware will operate in a PC-compatible environment without additional control cables or hardware. Parametric test boards plug directly into backplane slots. The system is driven by ATS release 4.1 tester software which operations within MS-DOS. System software is fully compatible with a Microsoft Windows environment.

A standard PC backplane accommodates 64-pin parametric boards and/or guard pin boards. This allows for 64 pins of guard and 1,024 pins of test within one chassis. Chassis can be chained to increase test pin capacity beyond 2,048 pins.

Each 64-pin test module contains a high speed 12 bit A/D converter. The current forcing is accomplished with a relay switched five range current source which provides 10 mA, 1mA, .1mA, .01mA, and .001mA. The forced current is controlled to better than ±.02% accuracy. Hardware and software filtering techniques permit accuracies to within the resolution of the system measurement unit. Resistance measurement accuracies are better than 0.1% of Full Scale, or 0.5% of reading for values up to 10M ohms. A high resolution option is available which provides resolution to 2.5 milliohms. Guarded pin testing and Kelvin probes may be used to provide accurate measurements of three noded networks. Switch resistance and contact resistance are compensated for by ATS Test System software. This minimizes the need for Kelvin testing.

Featured are auto-prompted, menu-driven displays which define the operator interface for system operation and programming.  A single power switch enables the tester operating system, which initiates the self diagnostic of the ATS software.

Programs are easily generated in a wire list format from prompted screens. Average test program development time is less than ten minutes. Board status and test programs which are stored in the system database allow the automation of board testing and inventory management. Summary information is easily retrieved through a single keystroke.

An optional feature that is available on the HPC 512/1024 Board Tester is automatic serial number verification of hardware encoded test trays. This can include either analog circuitry or digitally encoded boards.

An array of standard cables and test fixtures are available to accommodate most mechanical configurations of board and sockets. Custom fixtures can be provided, as well as automated test probes. An automated test probe is also available. It can accommodate boards up to 24" x 24". Test tray fixturing provides a wide spectrum of test tray interface capability.

The parametric card is constructed using multilayer technology for optimum performance. Minimal component use assures maximum MTBF > 12 months.

Electrical Specification

Ambient Temp. Range 20° to 50°C
Input Power 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 1Ø, 140W
Resistance Measurement Specifications  
   Range 1K, 10K, 100K, 1M, 10M ohms
   (Optional Range)
.5K, 5K, 500K, 5M ohms

.01% Full Scale or ±.125 ohms for R <= 100 ohms, or 0.5% of reading for 100 ohms <= R <= 10M ohms

.025% of Full Scale, .0125% of Full Scale for 1000 ohm Scale
Capacitance Measurement Specifications  
   Range 700 pf to 700 µf
   Accuracy ±2% or ±20 pf
   Resolution 0.9 pf
Diode Measurement Specifications  
   Forward Voltage ±0.5% of reading or ±1.25 mv
   Reverse Resistance ±0.5% of reading