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Burn-in Boards
  General Description  
AMT burn-in boards meet commercial and military requirements for high temperature burn-in and reliability testing of electrical components, including 85 degrees C/85% RH testing. Computer aided design ensures high reliability and maximum density.  AMT burn-in board designs are optimized for power bus current , minimum cross talk, and highest frequency performance through controlled impedance design and fabrication.

Standard and custom burn-in boards offer compatibility with all popular system configurations. High temperature materials and fabrication can provide 350 degrees C operation. Over 25 years of product design experience assures the ultimate in product design quality, accommodating the complete spectrum of static and dynamic burn-in applications. Engineering of AMT burn-in boards enhances the economics of product qualification, reliability, and production burn-in.

Custom Sockets

In addition to custom board designs, AMT can provide custom socket solutions for most demanding mechanical requirements. A wide range of plastics and contacts can be provided to meet your special needs. Contact our application support for details.


Material FR4/Getek/Isola 401 for <175°C
Polyimide for >175°C
Alumina for >250°C
Plating Tin nickel, 250 µ-inches
Edge Finger Plating 30 µ-inches Gold over 50 µ-inches Nickel
Cladding 2 oz. to 4 oz. Copper
Contact Material Pfinodal, Beryllium Copper, Beryllium Nickel, S.S., and tungsten
Solders SN63, SB5, SN10
Fabrication Per standards of the Institute of Printed Circuits, IPC-0-3000 Class 2
Power Traces/Planes Optimized for application with min. voltage drops. Signal traces impedance controlled if required.
Socket Types All standard and custom socket types