Opto and Microwave Device Applications
Advanced Microtechnology, Inc. has just released a series of Optimum burn-in test systems for reliability and production screening of optical diode, PIN, LED, VCSEL, high current(80a) laser diode, MESFET, and HBT components. These systems feature a combination of controlled burn-in circuits and external measurement instruments for insitu parametric measurements and data collection. Diode systems can be configured with multiple test chambers and different current source arrays with currents up to 80 amps per device. Optical diode testing integrates precision parametric measurement capability with high compliance voltage (thru 50 volts) precision current source. MESFET configurations incorporate multiple parametric devices for curve generation. All systems feature automated controls and redundant sensors for safe and reliable processing.

Monitoring is performed on all controlled process parameters: Chamber temperature, forward current, forward voltage, and DUT thermistor temperature. Current source array configuration is available through 256 channels . Process temperature may be controlled through ambient temperature or monitored device substrate temperature. Process currents may be ramped through programmable control. Each step may be timed in milliseconds through minutes.

The data collection file may be scaled to any number of test hours and can be exported in a text file compatible format. The test interface has been optimized for production and large lot evaluation for reliability engineering. Real time monitoring will alarm and collect failed data based on defined test limits.

Six  standard electrical configuration have been developed to address specific component needs:

  • Single-Chip Linear Optical Amplifier

    64, 1-amp current channels with Vf/If monitoring and 64 RTD monitors provide precise control of input current while monitoring the submount temperature and laser diode forward voltage drop. Real time process control immediately alarms the operator for review of test results. Data collection intervals may be programmed from .1 to 24 hours, unlimited log data points. Remote access is available over local area network or internet to status system and datalog results.

    The test Chamber may be control through ambient temperature response of the chamber or through the maximum allowable device thermistor temperature. All test protocols are stored on the hard disk and are easily referenced through a part number for rapid system initialization.

  • 980 nm EDFA up to 8 Channel Source Pump for DWDM Network Systems

    This application provides 8 x 10 1-amp channels with 8 RTD monitors for each package, 80 If /Vf monitor channels for all laser channels.  Programmable current ramping 5-ma through 1-amp accommodates device conditioning concurrent with the burn-in cycle . The maximum ambient is controlled through sampling of all device temperature monitors and set based on the maximum allowable substrate temperature.


    256 current sources with programmable forward currents through 100-ma and integrated data logging of device forward voltages provides an ideal platform for VCSEL and LED production and reliability screening and evaluation. Auxiliary automated test station may be used in conjunction for parametric test and evaluation without removing devices from the test trays. Optical and electrical parametric measurements can be performed on the external tester and extended burn-in processing in the chamber optimizing the cost/performance of the burn-in screening and data evaluation tasks.

  • MESFET, HBT Component Burn-In and Monitoring

    This Optimum burn-in and measurement system integrates both parametric test and pulse current or voltage control burn-in circuits for hands off life test process. Specialized high temperature mechanical configurations will allow testing through 300 degrees centigrade. Standard test processes are integrated into the burn-in system control to provide a selectable set of standard tests and programmable range of stimulus and parametric measurements.

  • PIN Photodiode Burn-In

    Both parametric measurement and constant current burn-in are provided with this system application. Constant current sources provided through 50 volt compliant voltage source are programmable through 1 ua . Current resolution is better than 1 na with accuracies through .5%. An external force measurement unit is integrated into the burn-in circuit through a relay acquisition interface. Thirty six devices are configured on each test interface. Standard chamber configuration provide 8, 15, 16, 30, or 60 test slots per system. Test temperature may range from 55°C  though 300°C depending upon the chamber type selected. Automated control is provided through Windows resident software with UPS backup to assure no data loss in the event of a factory power loss.
  • High Power Laser diodes thru 100watts
The 200 series LDW has been configured to provide case temperature control burn-in of linear array diodes with case power dissipations up to 100 watts. The application integrates individual current control with case temperature, forward voltage, and output power monitoring for 8 modules per test drawer. The system can be configured with up to 8 drawers providing 64 test sites.

Case temperatures are controlled through custom high efficient cooling header with local temperature control. Each test drawer operates independently.

A 15 kw portable chiller provides Cooling for each group of 32 devices in the system cabinet.  

Hardware may be easily upgraded in the field and Optimum system control reconfigured to handle any hardware system changes

The Optimum control platform is designed for easy customization. Ask our engineering staff about your particular needs