Optimum 200 FPGA-HW 

Advanced Microtechnology, Inc. has just introduced an Optimum burn-in test system for reliability and production screening of  high power dissipation components.

The  Series 200 FPGA-HW  is designed to provide case temperature controlled burn-in for parts with power dissipations ranging  from  5  thru  30 watts. Patented thermal tower control  provides individual temperature adjustment of case temperatures from 110 thru 140 C. Both case temperature and internal device temperature monitoring of the system can provide chip temperature control from 115 C through 130 C.  Optional bipolar operation can extend the case temperature range.The HW  System provides 3 independent biases with an  individual core bias controlled  and monitored for each part. The test interface supports serial I/O up to 64 M deep for programming FPGAs. The  I/O is configurable for individual DUT testing. The Base system provides 80 test sites expandable through 320. The HW System will operate in test environments up thru 30 C without auxiliary cooling.The test interface supports 16 DUTs with combine currents of up to 480 amps. Monitoring is supplied for 2 individual temperatures and 1 current per DUT. Each test interface operates independently. The processing on each test interface may be terminated or initiated without interrupting the remaining active positions.

The base system Hardware may be easily upgraded in the field and Optimum system control reconfigured to handle any hardware system changes.

The Optimum control platform is designed for easy customization. Ask our engineering staff about your particular needs